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About us

We are a Flight Academy located in Portugal, approved by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority and certified by EASA as ATO - HU.ATO.0077

Given our excellent location in the centre of Portugal, we offer the best weather conditions in Europe for pilot training.

What we do

We deliver our courses in a dynamic way, where our main focus is our commitment to the safety of our operations and our students.

We maintain a student ratio that allows us to always meet deadlines, as we know how important it is that courses are completed on time.

Our Philosophy

Airwin is a flight school created by pilots and for pilots, where our aim is to offer the highest quality standards available on the market.

Our philosophy focuses on providing our students with the best aeronautical training available with the highest safety standards.

Because flying is our passion

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Airwin Portugal Operational Base - Castelo Branco Aerodrome – LPCB





Castelo Branco Aerodrome

Aerodrome in Class G Airspace

Castelo Branco Municipal Aerodrome is inserted in Class G airspace. In addition to the freedom it provides, it has characteristics that allow for Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) for flights operated under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) during most of the year.

1460m long runway

It is located 3 NM NE of the city of Castelo Branco and has an asphalted runway of 1460 meters long and 30 meters wide.

Castelo Branco Aerodrome
Castelo Branco Aerodrome - hangar


Equipped with a new 1000m² hangar, is the base of the Aero Clube de Castelo Branco, with whom we have a collaboration agreement. It has a Logistical Support Base that serves the Portuguese Civil Protection throughout the year and is the base for the Protection and Rescue Intervention Group (GIPS), offering permanent helicopter support.

Own meteorological station

The meteorological station is duly certified by the Office of Support from the Meteorological Authority for Aeronautics (GAMA) of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

Castelo Branco Aerodrome

Airwin Portugal team

Airwin Portugal instructor - Francisco Gião

Francisco Gião

Co-founder & Base Manager

Airwin Portugal instructor - Luis Pires

Luis Pires

Co-founder & Head of Training

Airwin Portugal instructor - Pedro Pires

Pedro Pires

Flight Instructor

Team Airwin Hungary

Róbert Bánki

Co-founder & Managing Director

István Gyori

Co-founder & Deputy Head of Training


Lázló Baku

Chief Flight Instructor

Gabor Magyari

Complyance Manager

Ádám Szulló

Sales Manager & Flight Instructorr


Kristóf Nagy

Chief Theoretical Instructor

B. Vandornyik

Flight Instructor

Attila Boros

Flight Instructor


Stig Steine

Flight Instructor

András Domokos

Training Advisor

Benedek Gyori

FSTD Technician


Zoltán Siklósi

Safety Manager

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