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We have the right pilot training program for all your needs

LAPL - Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

This is the most time and cost efficient way of becoming a pilot !

PPL - Private Pilot Licence

The private pilot licence grants you endless possibilities to fly all around the globe and explore new places.

ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Your fast track solution for the airliners! Our Program is designed to provide competitive knowledge and skills for the next generation of pilots.

Why choose Airwin for your pilot training?

Suitable strategic location

Eficcient training

Modern equipment

High qualified flight instructors

At Airwin teaching how to fly is our passion!

Strategic location with excellent weather conditions

Located in Castelo Branco (2 hour’s drive from Lisbon), our Operational Base allow our students to fly nearly 300 days a year with an amazing weather!

Pilot programs designed to enable students to finish on time

We make a commitment to our students so that they can finish the course within the programmed period of time

Modern aircraft

Modern training aircraft equipped with glass cockpit and updated avionics

Highly experienced instructors

Our instructors have vast aeronautical experience including being airline captains for many years and able to convey the knowledge to you.

Innovative aviation training accredited by EASA

We are an Aviation Academy with an innovative theoretical teaching method accredited by EASA

A few things we´re great at...

All Digital Training Management

All training is managed digitally with an EASA compliant training management system.

Programa de mentoria

Students are assigned to individual mentors who follow their progress during the entire training.

Payment in Installments

Pay as you progress within the selected training. Contact us for more information!

Extremely Organized Team

Organize your personalized training

EASA Compliant Services

Our training programs are prepared and approved in accordance with EU regulations for Air Crew.

Flexible Training Schedule

Our flight instructors are available every day of the week.


Student comments

My experience with Airwin Portugal Flight Academy is something I highly recommend. It allowed me to do the PPL(A) continuously, facilitating a better retention of knowledge and skills inherent to flying
O aeródromo de Castelo Branco oferece óptimas condições para um aluno piloto, uma vez que está localizado numa região onde a meteorologia favorece o voo VFR. O reduzido tráfego na região é também vantajoso na fase inicial, ajudando o aluno piloto a concentrar-se na técnica de voo que conduz a uma aprendizagem rápida, por exemplo, passando mais tempo com o motor no ar em vez de taxiar a aeronave, bem como fazendo mais circuitos e touch-and-go's.
A excelência de formação da Airwin na sua base em Castelo Branco, aliada à disponibilidade e liberdade de horários que é permitida, foram as chaves para a minha conclusão bem sucedida do curso PPL.
With state-of-the-art aircraft, demanding and highly qualified instructors and an excellent location at the Castelo Branco airfield, I was able to safely practice all flight scenarios. Any future pilot will be more than prepared for any challenges that may come their way in the future.

Excellence is what characterizes us in aviation training


Our main objective is to offer our students the highest quality standards so that they can make the most of their aviation training.


Check out some frequently asked questions from our students:

You can start right after you have completed your high school education. Most of our students begin at the age of 18, but you can start as early as 17.

A good pilot should have the following skills:

Strong teamwork skills
Good concentration
Good motor and visual co-ordination
Ability to remain calm under pressure
Leadership skills

Contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your aviation goals and help you decide what is the best option for you.

A well-built and maintained aircraft, flown by a competent and prudent pilot, makes flying as safe or safer than many other forms of transportation.

The minimum requirements are to be 17 years old and to pass a simple Class 1 medical examination if opting for a Commercial Pilot License - CPL(A). For a Private Pilot License - PPL(A), or a Light Aircraft Pilot License - LAPL, as well as being 17 years old you must pass a Class 2 medical examination. Airwin will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need to obtain the right medical certificate, contact us.

No. Flying is actually quite mundane in this regard. In fact, all kinds of people of all ages enjoy the wonderful world of aviation.

Yes, certain vision deficiencies are allowed.

You must get a medical examination from a health center recognized by any EASA aviation authority. How often you are required to go will depend on your age.

You must have enough proficiency in English to be able to follow the lessons. Knowledge in Portuguese, however, is not needed.

Applying for flight training with us is easy. Simply contact us at the academy and we will get you started.

For LAPL and PPL, a limited amount of study is required on your own time. The ATPL demands a serious commitment to complete the required exams.

A PPL typically takes 40-50 hours of flight time. The ATPL will take 165-200 hours of flight time. The time to obtain the license depends on how frequently you fly and your commitment to training.

• Be fully successful in the theoretical part with no delays
• Flying frequently
• Have a good proficiency in the practical part

You can have them done at Austrocontrol or any EASA certified aeronautical organization.

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